What you get with your ConvertKit audit.

1. Practical Action Steps

These action steps will help you improve your account immediately.

2. Best Practice Alerts

You will receive a list focusing on tags, rules, automation, naming conventions, and more.

3. Email Template Review

An overview of your email template. I will be looking for brand consistency, mobile responsiveness, and more.

4. Integration and Automation

I will dig deep into the behind-the-scenes settings, automation, and rules to ensure you are operating efficiently.

5. What’s Working & What’s Not

A simple list of what is working, and what is not. Along with a “How-To” on fixing those things that aren’t.

6. Conversion Suggestions

A review of your sequences and broadcasts that focuses on conversion.

7. Analysis Of Open & Click Rates

I will take the time to analyze all of your emails and suggest tweaks to hit higher open and click rates.


Got Questions?
I’ve Got Answers.

Q: Is this all that comes in the audit?

Heck no! The audit includes an analysis of your primary marketing funnel, segmentation, personalization, and more. It also will include a design-minded review of your forms and landing pages.

Q: How long does the audit take to complete?

The audit is completed in 7-10 days depending on the size of your ConvertKit account.

Q: How do I order this amazing audit!?!

I got you! —>